Friday, April 21, 2006

Afghan stitch

I found this Mexicana yarn and then thought y not try out the afghan stitch since that was the only thing that i hadnt tried out. It is something thats easy to grasp. I am thinking maybe either a toddler boy's vest. This is going to be a gift for my friend( from engr)'s son. i am thinking a spring sweater would be a good gift for his sister. Still havent figured out what to make for the mom.

BTB, what is with this changing the bandwagon. Everyone seems to be doing it. No I am not joining them. If thats what was on ur mind.

Finally a FO!

Yes! Its been two months and 2 days since my last post.
Since my wip is almost complete now except for the hood, I can say Yes, finanlly a FO to show off.
This is myvery first attempt at a pattern for a poncho that seems to be taking forever to get done. This i one is super duper easy to make... since I have the problem of not being able to follow patterns. Well,most patterns start off fine and i get thru the caston and then after the first row and a few stitches later, it becomes a freefrom crocheted item of despair. And then it gets Frogged.
Now for the pattern...
I cast on 50 stitches using a K hook with doubled up yarn. Then a chain of height of 3 for each row. did a few rows of dc and then made sleeves and then just crochetted in a round to finish it off.Actual time to get it done is maybe a couple of days with only two hours per day spent on crocheting which by my standards togetting a wip done is very very fast.