Sunday, January 29, 2006

Contest Win

I went to the LYS , to learn how to make flowers and ended up in the "Fastest crocheter contest" and guess what... came in 4th. The best part was that I got this lovely multicolor yarn and playing cards set for participating. I also won a Knifty Knitter.

All in all, My weekend was made.

Had Fun!!!

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Current WIMS!!!!

My List is increasing than my rate of creating crocheted item for the past two days.
Additions to my list in the past two days are -
Monday : Coin Purse for my Sister,
Coasters Set,
Socks for DD,
Baby Blanket for my friend
Tuesday : Throw,
Table Cloth with Motifs,
Blah blah...

So this is going to affect my blogging further what with my DD's new dance class and my New Year resolution to lose weight.

Finally finished my coin purse and have uploaded the photos.

My sis loved my new coasters a lot. So I decided to make her some funky apple coasters. But then since my red and green yarn stash was used up, I made a sudden trip to the yarn paradise closeby with my patient DH & DD in tow again. Got a lot of yarn ......... Yahoooooooooooo!!!!!!!! Some for a new throw, some for the coasters and some for no reason but for the fact it looked nice and the color was great... Damn !! Couldnt think of a reason as to why I needed some more yarn.

Then today one of my friends called me to let me know they have some good news. So then I decided to get some more baby soft yarn to make a blanket.

Thats another trip to the store next week. Yipeeeeee! Deeeeee!Thank you God!

Sunday, January 15, 2006

One hour Quick Scarf

Last week was crazy. DD's sleeping routine got weird with my blogging. Also this weekend was hectic with places to go.

So my blogging was left off for today. But did manage to get some crocheting done...

I was hunting for yarn for my motifs but once I started on the motifs... got bored with the method I was trying out ... and then found this colorful yarn in my never ending stash and decided to do a quick scarf ... So started with a foundation chain and some double crochets and an hour later... Viola! A pretty scarf for my niece. Unfortunately my stash of beads ran out... would have liked to add some funky beads to the fringe. Still my niece loved it so much now, she wants to wear it with all her outfits. My DS also liked the coin purse. So I will be making one of those too.

Still hunting for the proper button to finish my purse however. Maybe I will go hunt in my closet for something. and wondering if I shld add a shoulder belt too.
But I liked motifs idea so much I want to try out a different method/pattern ... May be to make a blanket or a scruncie since I have a lot of scrap yarn left.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Motifs Galore

Completed the coin purse last night. Need to just attach a button. The coasters got me thinking of motifs...Maybe a belt and/or a tablecloth or a blanket of flowers for my DD?HMMM...
The belt might be something to work on for my niece.

Now to go hunting in my decreasing stash for appropriate colors.

Monday, January 09, 2006

Bookmark in 30 minutes

So I too got caught and went to get this knifty knitter set. Must say is really easy to use and is faster to use than to crochet and knit. My first attempt to loom - a scarf and a hat for DD.
The scarf turned out ok when I washed it... The hat... well, had to frog it. This is an one-hour scarf. One of my old FOs finally seeing the light of day - Pooh getting some protection from the cold.

Here is a bookmark that I made in less than 30 minutes...Something I was trying out in total boredom. ( Something I picked up from a book called cozy crochet) DD slept and I needed to relax :-)

Coins please

Today I went to the local grocery store and only the cash checkout counter was open. Luckily I had a lot of cashin my wallet. So I paid the dollar amount, but when it came to the change , I had to dig out the exact amount. So that got me started on my new wim. I came home and thought of making a coin purse for all my little change. Have the base created. Probably will end up finishing my purse tonight.

Here is a photo of the body of the purse.

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Pick me up

So I go to the store to get some cutlery storage trays with my DD and so I end up going to the toy section to get her something and Hellooo find! Howdy! there guess what greets me. I run and grab this Yarn Works basket. It has three fun spool knitters in different sizes. U can make a lot of fun items - scruncies, etc. Its targetted for kids above 7. Guess what fun i get to have with it. I already plan to make some tube socks and some scrunchies with the yarn in it.

Finally I get home with my find minus the trays.

On my way to Yarnatopia

Yday , found a neat pattern for coasters and then ended up just going thru my yarn stash. Spent only an hour hunting for some yarn I needed from it as Some of it was in the dining area dresser. Some in the downstairs closet. Some in the bedroom closet.
So then I decided to get all of it arranged and organised. Luckily my DD was sleeping blissfully for 2 hrs. Easier planned than done... Yet another resolution too - BE ORGANISED WITH MY STASH. But that helped me spend some time oohing over the yarn for sometime and dreaming about some new acquisitions.
Since I had spent the previous weekend in a bout of early spring cleaning for the NEW YEAR,
I found these cool zipper bags in different sizes for my hooks and needles. And a few storage boxes.The knitting thingies will have to be in one bag till I find a more permanent solution. The yarn skeins are all kept together in a bag neatly arranged in the order with the name of the WIMs I got them for.
After admiring my handywork decided to go shoppingon saturday and maybe who knows some new yarn that calls out to MEMEMEMEMEMEMEME.

New WIM added to the never ending list of wims is now a poncho with a rounded collar for my DD. Have this lovely rainbow boucle sighted for that.
Also Promise to get the photos up soon once my desktop is back from the shop.

Finally There!!

Hi Folks,
Finally got to it. I started my own blog.
As you can see, I have a problem... I am hooked onto yarn.
The DH gets a near heart attack each time I go to the shop by myself.
Its usually go for something trivial and be back with oodles and oodles of "IT"
My DD hates it when I sit down to hook or if I go down the yarn aisle at the craft store.
Lastest WIP - coasters !!