Thursday, July 29, 2010

Ravelers Anonymous

Not sure if there is Ravelers Anonymous group somewhere, I would like to join one. 

I spend way too much time on Ravelry  everyday browsing the FOs and looking at the faved ones.

And looks like there are people there who seem to do that.  Hey i get it that its a free country and all. But...
These days there is a group for everything. Look at these group names - 
Lazy,stupid and godless
Post Mortem and Paranoid Thread Wanderers
Foul-Mouthed, Smart, and Irreverent

Er... I am sure you get the idea by now... 

Monday, July 26, 2010

Following through on my New Year Resolutions in July?

Today morning I came across my misplaced lost day planner that i have been hunting for every since February.
Every January I take out a new planner for the year. Somehow every year by February/March, that darn thing has again gotten lost. So when i got to it today I got to look at some of my Resolutions that were listed and decided to see where i am in July towards my lofty goals.

Re... #XXX (I am so not telling  inter webs the actual number) - following a healthy lifestyle of diet and exercise
               Following the healthy diet has been great, and having  hectic lifestyle running around with my kids has been helpful along exercising.
Re...#XXX1 - Reading 52 books in 2010 - 
               I can safely say that yes i am there half way upto 20 books. Latest are  in Every day Crochet 
               , Mason Dixon the green book, Knitting without Tears
Re...#XXX2 - pursuing my obsession ... er, interest in fiber arts :  
               I am often never far away for a hook/needle
Re...#XXX3 - Maintaining a positive can do attitude:
               Everything is possible
Re...#XXX4 - Learning to write a new language( as in Tamil) :  
               Have learnt the alphabet
Re...#XXX5 - Take up Baking again : 
               Have been baking almost every other day for the past few months