Sunday, February 19, 2006

Frogging forever?

Two weeks or so back I started on a poncho remains just a WIP and soon to become an UFO the rate its proceeding. The Pattern I started on was just half a page and I thot how difficult can that me - I consider my self an intermediate to advanced intermediate crocheter, not too confident to be an expert one. And then following the pattern and some 20 or more rows later, the WIP was too big for me too. My guage was fine. In fact, I was checking it every row. So then my work for the last three or so weeks ( since the amt i get done is mostly 2 - 4 rows a day) gets frogged and frogged and frogged, thanks to some help from Ms.Curious Hands.
So then I started on a different pattern for the same poncho in mind, which didnt work out too as the measurements sure dont seem right.
Finlly on the current pattern seems to progress some what ok. Having done only about 5 rows so far, its getting hard to visualize.
Then the next WIP is a beautiful pattern by whom we will not name seems to turn out fine with very detailed instructions the kind i like. Since its a surprise we will not name it. Yes, I will soon get around to post pictures... once my dcam gets its much needed batteries. Yes, I still didnt get around to shop for them. Lfe is very very slow with a very curious toddler.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Too tired to Crochet

Gosh! I am so tired. I go to put my DD to bed and end up sleeping while my little angel is running around. Keeping up with a toddler who is these days hyperactive is like climbing Mt Everest. Between her classes and playdates, my crochet ( sniff!!) takes a beating.
Everytime I sit down to crochet which is usually after dinner when hubby dear is keeping Ms.CuriousHands occupied, I settle down to crochet comfortably and there comes a little bullet and there goes my WIP yarn and hook and all right out of my hand and then the work of the past half hour or more gets frogged mercilessly.

Then the next hour goes into getting the tangled toddler and yarn, which can be really really frustrating with a nice tug of yarn war with one very curious child. Finally hubby helps to get the whole thing sorted with SOME effort.

And then its bedtime and thats the end of my crocheting.

So my WIP is more of an UFO for now.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Pretty poncho

Past week has been too hectic running to classes with my DD. I did get to start a poncho for her to wear this spring. Am half way done. Also made this 5 min bookmark for my niece.

On Saturday, I was window shopping at the local mall and just went into one of the bookstores for a gift for my friend's daughter and there I found this lovely book for kids to crochet. Its great for beginners and has lot of fun projects from a toy hammock to felted hats and backpacks. Started the toy hammock which is just chains, and then got bored with the chains. So then went net surfing and found this pattern for a bag off the Sugar n Creme site for this pretty bag which I started on then.
Sometimes I wonder at the time in hand ( or the lack of it?) spent crocheting. My DH might soon start referring to me as the crochety crocheter.
Since my DCam is done on batteries, promise to post the latest WIPS this week.